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Spectacular 6 Bedroom Villa – Shakbout City

VillaAED 6,500,000
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Spectacular 6 Bedroom Villa – Shakbout City

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Reference no. NAT-S-4876

Perfect Home Villa in Shakhbout City, formerly Khalifa City B, is major residential.

Villa Consist of:

Size: 20,000 sq/ft
6 Bedroom
Living Room
2 kitchens
New villa
Driver room
Maid’s room

Covering a total area of 15,000 Square Feet the master plan incorporates much needed community facilities for residents in a strategically important area close to Shakbout CityThe master plan for the development of Shakhbout City, featuring additional housing for residents and community facilities such as parks, mosques, schools and hospitals, has been completed by the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC).The completion of the master plan is the result of close collaboration between the UPC and all government stakeholders, including the ADM, Abu Dhabi Education Council, the Health Authority Abu Dhabi,

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