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Spectacular! 2 Bedroom Apartment – Al Hadeel

ApartmentAED 2,374,050
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Spectacular! 2 Bedroom Apartment – Al Hadeel

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Reference no. NAT-S-5612

Ready to be yours 2 BR Apartment Rent to Own.

Every apartment is intelligently designed to maximize space, natural light and flexible interiors with a number of homes offering powder rooms, laundry, and storerooms for the utmost convenience.


Excellent Design and Interiors
Modern Close Kitchens
Laundry Area
First Rate Bathrooms
Open Plan Living/Dining Area
Bedroom Area

Al Hadeel Facilities:

Jogging Paths
Boutique and restaurants
Shaded pools and Adult infinity pools
BBQ Nooks
Lounge Deck

Al Hadeel is designed with a magnificent view of the waterfront, both the living spaces and bedrooms enjoy large clear facades.

Various options in multiple projects for Rent and Sale

Toll Free: 800 1 4444
For Rent & Sale: 050-9138969
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