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How to ensure your choice of a suitable home with all comfort and confidence

Posted on July 11, 2017 by Nationwide Middle East in Areas, Investment, Lifestyle, News
How to ensure your choice of a suitable home with all comfort and confidence
After an exhausting day, you will definitely be looking for tranquillity and comfort. This will only be in your home and with your family, but if your home is away from your daily map routine, away from all the entertainment and city facilities that you need, this may make your cup of coffee a little more uncomfortable. Another thing, how much time do you spend to reach your home is definitely an important factor in deciding which area is suitable for you, as driving between the rush hours can be tiring and exhausting unless you are looking to live between traffic lights.
In addition, deciding on the perfect area for your future house is very important, and getting a Hot Deal in the real estate market is very pleasant.
Some believe that the decision of buying a house is based mainly on the price, while others believe that the location and nearby amenities are far more important than the value of the purchase.
The buyers who believe that the low price is the key to determine a tempting offer; they will afford a lot of time wasting, physical and psychological pressure, especially if the family has kids in different ages and different study levels. So it will be tough to control the family reunification each day, so the weekend will seem like a pink dream, and this, for sure, will negatively affect the whole family.
Others, who are quite successful, build the buying decision on the home location and on their family members’ daily map. This will save a lot of effort and time, but the price will be a bit more, which explains the high cost of houses with a diverse network, like schools, hospitals, attractive shopping centers, and other services in every city. But this type of buyers will save at least one hour a day or maybe more, which they will spend it intimately with their families, rather than spend it on the highway calculating the time between traffic lights.
Many purchase decisions are based on the weakest element in the family, which cannot afford the daily mobility of its activities, or whatever its purpose because no one can change his home every time.
A family with two or three children, it will look for close schools to home, so the most important item in the house purchase decision will be the nearest schools to the house, but for a family with a sick individual, for example, the hospital will be a key element in building the purchase decision.
Locating your future home site is never difficult and troubling, even if you are new in any city in the world or the UAE.
Today, technology has placed each square of any city in organized maps, so the famous Google has done. it’s simple and efficient just enter your business location first, second, look for the most important element for you and your family on which you will decide to choose your new home location. Besides the distance measurement feature will let you know accurately how much time you will spend on the city roads. After this tiny search, you will find the right realty offer for you and your family.
After choosing the accurate house location, you have other important factors, which are the appropriate space, and the competitive pleasant and tempting price of your future peace of real estate. You will find a various number of real estate agencies, but which one you will trust and deal with its agents and brokers? Be careful! Out there it’s a dangerous and a risky black market, so before you decide to deal with any real estate agency, you should read the reviews or visit one their offices to make sure you are dealing with reputed core of Real Estate Company.
First: is the house space offered convenient for your family needs?
Obviously, the space and the number of rooms suitable for family members will make you feel serene and delighted, and purchasing such house will be like paying for a meal in a restaurant. Because the appropriate spacious area will easily add a great flavor and special taste to your daily life.
Second: The home supply or the property is it within the budget you set for the purchase?
Most people are looking for monthly payment. In this case, the monthly payment should not exceed 35-40% of your total monthly income, so that you can control the rest of your salary. But the adventure is required sometimes especially for an accurate, spacious and comfortable piece of peace because the offer presented in the market may not be compensated again.
Third: Is this property offer competitive within market prices?
The value of any property must not exceed the average price for similar properties in the same area; otherwise the buyer will incur a loss on resale, especially in the short term, because it will not be easy to get another buyer who accepts to pay more than the average price of the region in the same period, but in long term deals you will never lose your capital and this is affirmed by real estate experts.
Fourth: Choosing a house in a new or an ancient building?
choosing a house in a new building is more likely than an old one because maintain an old house is always costly, so you should think twice before you act.
Feeling comfortable in the home, especially for the wife, is an important factor to choose a real estate offer among dozens, but you will figure out which deal to close if you start both thinking about where to place the couch or your chair’s in front of your big curvy plasma screen, watching your favorite team winning the finals. This what we will discuss in part two of How to ensure your choice of a suitable home with all comfort and confidence? We Nationwide Middle East Properties will help you in this complicated process, and just make it affordable for you and your family with the best prices ever running in the #AbuDhabi_realestate_market.