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Is It Advisable To Hire Multiple Real Estate Agents To Sell A Property

Posted on March 20, 2016 by Nationwide Middle East in Investment, News, Real Estate, Selling
Is It Advisable To Hire Multiple Real Estate Agents To Sell A Property


There are several reasons make you think that hiring multiple real estate agents would be the best solution to sell you property quickly and with the best price. You think that giving a property to several agents, posting them everywhere, covering many communication channels with a different rates could generate a good number of property viewings and find the perfect buyer in a time record.

The above mentioned facts are in fact just myths which are being followed by young investors in real estate.

Real estate professional’s piece of advice would be as follows:

Sole Responsibility:

If a seller has appointed more than one agent to advertise and market his property, agents won’t allocate enough marketing activities, quality and push, or a particular attention to sell this property out. If the said property is given to a specific and trustworthy agent, this last will definitely pull out all the efforts and tools to sell it out.

Process and Procedures:

The selected real estate agent should provide you with a package of services – property valuation, marketing plan and tools to best market your property to reach the right audience, viewings report, negotiation and contract procedures… Opting for a sole agent will allow you a non-over-advertised property situation which could reflect a connotation that the property is facing difficulties to be sold, as well as credibility as it could be advertised at different rates. Multiple agencies would give you indifferent ways of taking care of your property, which is a time consuming.


Agents may call you any time of the day at several times to schedule a property viewing which will definitely disturb your daily routine. If you just maintain one point of contact for the buyers and other real estate agents, this agent will take care of scheduling the visits and provide you with a daily or weekly plan and updates.

In Case of Tenancy:

Even in case of tenancy, it is preferable to appoint only one point of contact for the tenants to interact with your hired real estate agent to avoid any confusion related to the tenancy process and procedures. It creates too many complications for you as a landlord and even for the tenants if there are several agents keep calling them from all sides and giving them their own way of property description and rental amount and so on.

At the end, it’s your own choice to have one or more agents or agencies to work with you to sell your property but it is still recommended to have one good salesperson rather than having several salespersons that are not performing as expected, which will cause you a waste of money and time.

Get the right salesperson to get the work done in a proper and hassle-free manner.