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How To Have a Perfect Shelfie

Choosing and lacing shelfie can be considered as a proper art. To master this art, you just need some basic ingredients, such as color scheme knowledge, creative shape ideas and a bit of decoration techniques.

Many people, who whatever they do to their shelves, still don’t feel satisfied and wonder “Why my shelves don’t look like the ones I’m seeing in magazines?”

Well, no more wonders once you go through some of designers’ secrets you always wanted to get that helps in revamping home easily.

Way of Stacking:

Stacking is one of the good and efficient ways to pile up your stuff in the way you want. The fact of piling your books for example will definitely help you on gaining space and give a better. The additional tip to that is to not restrict yourself to only one layer scheme, horizontal or vertical, and feel free to alternate the stock which will give a nice new style to your shelves.


If you have a big kitchen or even kitchenette, hanging your pans and pots following a certain shape and seize sequence display, will provide you a feeling of a clean and well-arranged kitchen. When everything is settled in its own place, you can easily find and reach the object that you need.


If you have visitors at home for the first time and you are short of conversation subjects, your shelves can help as a conversation-starter. Decorate your shelves with some interesting souvenirs and objects which will create some interesting topics to start with and enjoy your time. And why not take a #shelfie!

Item Coordination:

Item coordination makes your shelf look properly organized as no one like the clutter of books, boxes or any other item scattered over the shelves. Item coordination could be very easy; all you need to do is to sort the items properly like books with same author or DVDs with same genre. It also eases your life to find your favorite item in its own place.

Color Scheme:

Colors make a huge difference for your shelves, if properly selected. You can choose different color themes, if you have for example a big collection of Harry Potter, you can choose harry potter’s bookshelves color style to pile up your collections and as a cherry on the cake, just spot a little and nice light on the bookshelves to give a smoky effect to your shelves and books.


Same as the bookshelves, you can also customize your walls and make of them a place for keeping your favorite stuff blend into the wall. Wall-shelves provide more space in your bedroom, living room or even in your bathroom to keep your items well organized and nicely displayed.

Nature on Shelves:

Plants are the best way to stay close to nature, and they are not only good to have them in the garden, you can also have plants on the shelves as it brings freshness to your interiors.

The above few pieces of advice on how to make a better use of your Shelfies will definitely bring ease to your life and it’s no doubt a fun filled activity to customize your shelves according to your needs, caprices and home decoration.