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Why Abu Dhabi is Considered to be a Great Place for Investment?

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Nationwide Middle East in Investment, News, Real Estate
Why Abu Dhabi is Considered to be a Great Place for Investment?

The question is becoming too common nowadays and everyone wants to know the answer. The answer to why Abu Dhabi is considered to be a Great Place for Investment is very clear cut that the actual situation of real estate market is very “Let’s Wait and See” and investors aim at a good return on their investments.

Out of all, Abu Dhabi is considered to be a safe place to invest. But what are the key factors you should consider to get a good return?

Quick Process:

Abu Dhabi is one of the most promising states where the process of property acquisition and bank transaction for loan are simple and quick. Most of the developments in Abu Dhabi are new and all the residents are pretty much satisfied living there and adopting a well-established lifestyle. There is wide range of communities which they keep on expanding all the time.


One of the major facts that you should consider while investing in a property, is to look at the yearly RoR generated. The overall Return on rentals in Abu Dhabi projects and areas is around 7% which makes of it an excellent investment destination. Make a proper investigation with a suitable real estate agent around you, spot the hot and good properties and get better chances of high returns which sometimes can reach 9% or more.

Removal of Rent Cap:

Landlords have the flexibility of increasing the rent annually as the rent cap system is ruled out. There is no method of calculating the annual rent increment, and landlords have a free hand to increase the rent if needed and follow the market price trends.

Legally Protected:

Landlords are legally protected by the Abu Dhabi Rules. You are able end the lease contract with your tenant without any difficulty and there is no need to provide a particular reason except giving them a notice of two months before the end of the lease term.

Safe And Secure:

The property buyers are feeling safe and secure being a resident or an active investor in Abu Dhabi emirate. The reason is due to safe environment and asset stability. Prices for sale and rent are getting nicely recovered from the bubble situation of the real estate market and they are no more compromised to invest in Abu Dhabi areas. This creates a sense of safety in terms of living a good life and securing the coming future for generations.

What the Future Has Reserved For You?

The government has a great expansion plan to every single emirate in UAE. Abu Dhabi is one of the seven emirates where the population is being carried for the sake of good future perspectives. In addition to that, 2030 plan is supposed to get you many wonders in the city such as Etihad Rail, the Midfield Terminal, Etihad Airways, the Louvre and Guggenheim etc.

Payment of Rent:

The system of rent payment is upfront for the whole year, this saves the landlord from many unexpected situations. Usually the method of payment by ‘cheques’ is two or three but most of the cases tenant would prefer low rent amount and paying the total in lump sum.

The above factors would definitely urge you to think about your next investment plan in Abu Dhabi real estate and definitely opens several doors to bigger investment in order to gain smarter returns. All you need is to find an honest advisor who could lead you smoothly through all the real estate process and procedures.