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How To Arrange An Open House Viewing

Posted on December 20, 2015 by Nationwide Middle East in News
How To Arrange An Open House Viewing

When you invite people to your home to view it, it is very important for you to present it nicely for proper impact. Potential buyers will always come to open houses to see if the residence is worth pursuing the purchase or not.

Here are some of the tips on how you can prepare for an outstanding open house.

Devise is the key.

Preparation is the most important duty to perform before you begin viewing open houses. Cleanliness is pivotal to make a good impression on buyers, and homes should also smell nice to people when they enter them. Make sure you go through all the rooms including countertops, tables, bookshelves, mantles, and walls; and remove all your personal belongings, as you want buyers to be able to imagine themselves in the residence without looking around and seeing all of your items. It’s always a good idea to put away all valuables to make sure they don’t suddenly disappear after you have strangers stroll through your rooms. Expensive collections should be out of sight.

Ideal Timing.

Timing is very crucial when scheduling open houses. Avoid times during sports events, local events or early morning on working days that will pull people away from viewing. Optimally, schedule the time that’s slightly different from other open houses in the area. Continuing for an hour past the typical time will give buyers enough time to drop by if they did not plan it. Be there for the early arrivals and stay there for the last minute viewing.

Having Experts around.

Homeowners often try to stick in the house during viewing. While some realtors do not deny that it’s usually better for owners to be somewhere else during the scheduled hours of the open house. To make sure that all information about the residence is available, the owners should list down the information about how long they have been in the house and why they are selling or renting it. Buyers would also like to know about monthly bills, roof age, and information about neighbors and the neighborhood.

Prepare Details Sheet.

It’s always useful to provide the viewer with as much information as you can. Prepare an information sheet in which you provide all the necessary information that viewer has to know. Include a list of the home’s best features, details about room and residence square footage, and information about the schools, hospitals and playing ground nearby.


Today, most of the people search for open houses on internet. So, make sure your home listing or open house is posted on social media for more exposure and to make it easier for buyers to know about it. In addition, advertise your open house in your local newspaper is also possible if you have allocated a specific budget for that.


Once viewer visits your house it’s very important that you invite them to sign a guest book and gather their information such as contact number and email address, this will help you to follow up with the viewer who is interested and may come back for a counter visit.