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4 Major Points On How Realtors Can Help Home Sellers

Posted on December 10, 2015 by Nationwide Middle East in Investment, News, Real Estate
4 Major Points On How Realtors Can Help Home Sellers


Even in this era of internet and social media, when you can certainly sell anything online people still fancy the old fashioned way of selling a house. Almost 80 per cent of people hire state realtors and avoid listing their property on the internet themselves, and there is a number of very strong reasons for that.

Here are some of the points why it’s still important to have an estate agent.

1. Valuating:

The first action a realtor should do is evaluate your property, it might differ from the listing price but as per his experience realtor knows the local real estate market very well and would be able to come up with the most reasonable price for both, seller and buyer. A good realtor is set to compromise and place the right price value of the property on the market so the three parties can optimize their profit.

2. Updating:

Your house might be perfectly updated for you but not for the buyer, that’s where realtor will help you if your bedroom or hallway is hopelessly outdated; your agent would also recommend you to renovate the place since buyers out there are looking for relatively modern and a non-personalized place so they can easily project themselves living in this house.

3. Spreading the word out:

As you know, anything nowadays could be sold on internet and anybody could do it, but one of the most efficient tools that your agent has is access to extensive buyer’s agent who are always looking for property to be sold and are always keen to work with seller’s agent. A considerable rate of these property deals are coordinated where both parties merge and work together, spread the word and close deals.

4. Considerable amelioration:

Improvement is a necessity, looking for a house odds, and have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for but on the other hand home owner might be able to ignore the defects and flaws easily since he has been living there for a long time. Improvements can change your house marketability drastically. Nowadays home buyers are looking for perfection and bad odor, cracks in stairs or drafty toilet could well bring your marketability down and agent’s role is to make sure that your house is up to the standards before scheduling any potential buyer visit to avoid ruining the deal.


Selling a home could be a very stressful job and it will take a lot of your precious time, having an agent with you is always a good idea, they put a lot of effort to get the best price of your house and are always there to help, advise and support, and their work should be well appreciated as they offer a hassle free transaction support.