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Looking for a Good Real Estate Agent in Abu Dhabi?

Posted on November 15, 2015 by Nationwide Middle East in Investment, News, Real Estate
Looking for a Good Real Estate Agent in Abu Dhabi?


Are you new in Abu Dhabi and looking to get accommodated to lead a peaceful life? Have you heard that finding a good property in Abu Dhabi is somehow difficult if you look around of your own? That’s true but to make the procedure hassle free, you need to find the right real estate agent who could listen to you, easily understand your needs and quickly come up with the best possibilities you are actually looking for. If you ever try to understand the monopoly of real estate market in Abu Dhabi, you will get to know that not every real estate agent think about your interest and many of them are mainly focused on their earnings at the end of the day, which keeps them not to think too much about what you want to acquire.

If you are really in the hunt of a good real estate agent, then you need to take some factors into consideration while choosing and finalizing it. The biggest merit of a real estate agent can be seen when he/she does what you want such as, when you say you need a partial wall or roof ceiling windows in your bedroom or when it comes to pricing, you ask your agent to come up with a property option limited to 1.5M AED but many agents call or email you options quiet far from the required budgeted.

It seems frustrating, isn’t it? It’s better not to settle on an agent until you find what is best for you and under your budget limit.

Another quality an agent must have is a 360 knowledge of the real estate market as when you ask for a specific criteria to be filled, you expect from your agent to answer properly and within the right timing to your need; and start scheduling viewings that match your expectations. Make things crystal clear with your contacted agents from the start and provide them the wish list of requirements and options. A client should feel as if he is the only client that an agent is treating, you should feel comfortable and secure; and priority needs to be on the top level of the agent’s to-do list.

Every real estate agent can be good or bad, depending on the request, budget, client behavior, market status and so on. But the question arises here, how to find the agent? You can easily solve this dilemma to find a reputed real estate company in Abu Dhabi through the web, referred from your friends and colleagues or you can also check Abu Dhabi Open Houses organized by the best real estate companies. The recommendations coming out from your near and dear ones could lead you to the right direction and find your dream home for you. A property search has to be a full time job for a couple of days, send requests to a number of real estate agents within the region, compare the calls back timing and quality of service, starting from the first touch point, then proceed by elimination until you make your point on the final selected agency that fits your taste.

Nationwide Middle East Properties could be your partner to end your search and help you to make your dream come true by giving you the best options available in Abu Dhabi, according to your needs and most importantly the budget. The real estate brokers at Nationwide care about their clients, with reaching a referrals rate of 25%, Nationwide make of it it’s pride and will never stop this snowball  the coming years. Join the Nationwide family today and be a part of Abu Dhabi community tomorrow.