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Honoring the National Flag Day

Posted on November 03, 2015 by Nationwide Middle East in Event, News
Honoring the National Flag Day


In the United Arab Emirates, a day honoring the national flag depicts the celebration of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nayan who set the foundation of the seven emirates of the UAE. This year, thousands of flags will be displayed, not only to celebrate the National Flag Day but also a special tribute to the Emirati heroes of UAE for showing their great courage and bravery.

The flag is designed with four different colors which make a big difference to this day, the history and design of the flag show the unity and prosperity as a voice towards peace, safety and happiness.

The red color of the flag reflects the sacrifices done by the forefathers of UAE and martyrs offering lives to protect their country. The green color represents the growth and prosperity of the country since its birth. The black color stands for the voice to spread safety in the nation, equality and justice. And the white color gives a sign of achieving global peace.

Animated Flag of UAE Dubai (2)

The efforts made by the founders are unforgettable, and for this day, the flag will be proudly displayed nationwide to spread the spirit of nation’s unity and prosperity. Not only Nationals but Expatriates are also to be seen swaying the colorful flag, grateful towards what this country has given to them since their arrival, and how their lives have changed being a part of this great Nation.

It is the time to recall all of those beautiful memories and pay tribute to the founders and martyrs who lost their lives in building and protecting this Nation and merge the differences and nationalities together calling off the unity of one Nation known as UAE.

Nationwide Middle East Properties brings its small contribution to that by proudly swapping its corporate logo with the UAE flag to express its recognition and belonging to the nation.