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6 Things You Shouldn’t Do To Your Home When Planning To Sell In Future

Posted on October 01, 2015 by Nationwide Middle East in News, Property Management, Selling
6 Things You Shouldn’t Do To Your Home When Planning To Sell In Future

Home buyers have different cultures and lifestyles, and would definitely apply to a new home while looking at a better living and a better place. But do you really think that your home style and decoration would be liked by every other home buyer?

Well, that’s absolutely the choice and matter of a personal taste when you decorate your home. But once you made your mind to sell your home in near future, then you’d better think like a seller and forget to portrait yourself as a home buyer.

Let’s discuss the 6 major points to be fully aware of and you shouldn’t do when you are planning to sell your home in coming months or years.

Built-in Wardrobes

Everyone needs a wardrobe, whether it would be installed in the kitchen or in the bedroom, no one can deny from having it as a part of a new home essential. You shouldn’t take a decision to not give it a space in your home because you might like this idea but the next owner will surely deny with your selection.

Kitchen Cabinets Color Scheme

There is a big catalogue available for the colors to choose for your kitchen cabinets, but if you only think about your choice and pick loud color scheme, this might won’t go in favor of others. Avoid sharp colors, choose rather a standard color scheme to make it more presentable and standard to your home buyer.

Wall-To-Wall Carpeting

Taking care of hardwoods might not be your cup of tea, but taking care of your apartment for sale in order to earn a good value from it, it would definitely be pleasant for you. Wall to wall carpeting is not in a trend now, you could place a floor rug instead, to give a nice feel to the viewer.

Pricey Window Blinds

If you have a good taste to customize your home windows with pricey window blinds that may make a sense but when you are sure that you won’t stay long then there is no need to spend a lot of money instead you could install some decent window blinds that looks attractive along with your living room furniture.

Converting Bedrooms

For how long you can stay in a bedroom having the same style and pattern for years? One day, you will change your mind ad would want to re-style your bedroom or at least add some creativity. But to do so, think of what others would prefer if they want a change in a bedroom, like your way of converting a giant wall into shelves, won’t create much fantasy for others. Before such conversion, you should take a look at your home value on which you don’t want to lose in your near future.

Adding a Swimming Pool

If you have kids at home and you are afraid of adding a swimming pool just for the security reasons that somehow makes sense, but this could be managed by different other means such as installing a barricade around the pool for your children’s safety. By doing so, you could add a value to your property when selling it to the next buyer, as swimming pool is in a trend nowadays and you can possibly add a handsome amount of money to your selling price.

The above 6 points will definitely have their weight while buying a new home or in a process of selling a property. However, by missing them out, this could have a counter weight and will slow the selling speed and make the deal way more challenging.