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Ready vs Off-Plan Property – The Best Investment Guide – Part 1

Posted on September 03, 2015 by Nationwide Middle East in Investment, News, Real Estate
Ready vs Off-Plan Property - The Best Investment Guide - Part 1

Abu Dhabi is considered to be one of the well-travelled and vibrant cities in United Arab Emirates and getting more and more popular worldwide too, where one big nation among many international expatriates makes it a rightful place to visit and live in. What makes this city more popular is the high rises and tax-free country among the most lucrative investment opportunities that no other country has such offers.

This question is becoming very common among investors and home buying class that what is the better way to investment if to choose from the ready projects or off-plan. Well, both investment opportunities have their ROI levels, today we will discuss the pros and cons for both investment guide. Let’s talk about the ready project first where the home buyers and investors, nationals or international expatriates are already to enjoy the perks to live in plus these ready projects have enormous list of high class facilities and amenities that one could enjoy at the best possible prices.

Ready Projects:

Real estate investment will never fall you for loss especially in the country like UAE and cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai because of the unmatched factors of the developer’s projects offering to the residents of the United Arab Emirates. Ready projects have much more worth as compare to the off-plan projects because as an investor you will always be in a win-win situation and your return on investment will always be in a good stand as the real estate market is in a good position to offer better ROIs to investors and urge them to invest more and save more for the future.

Why to invest on ready projects? That could be a question while taking a decision on your first or next investment, the answer could be simple that Abu Dhabi has vast real estate investment opportunities and on the top of it, the growth for the opportunities is increasing rapidly that makes it a better investment destination. The following are the best projects that are ready an you should consider for investment for better returns.

  1. Al Durrah Tower: This ideal tower situated in Marina Square, Reem Island has offer the residents with every possible comfort within the available facilities and amenities like swimming pool, fitness center, breathtaking marina views and many more. The 42th floor tower has total 202 apartments along with 202 car parking spaces makes it to live in a celestial residential place.

2. The Wave Tower: The wave tower is almost ready say 90% completed and most of the investors and home buyers are already enjoying the privileges offered by the developer. This is the best time to invest in The Wave Tower as all you need to pay 10% down payment to own your very first apartment. For more information you can check the Wave Tower page.

In the coming years, you can have much more monetary expectations from your investment on these ready projects as real estate is booming Abu Dhabi day by day. We will publish our Off-Plan investment guide next week so stay tuned with Nationwide Blogs. You can also join our social channels to get more real estate market information.

Happy Investing!