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Real Estate Market Insights Released For Quarter 2, 2015

Posted on July 20, 2015 by Nationwide Middle East in News, Real Estate
Real Estate Market Insights Released For Quarter 2, 2015

Abu Dhabi Real Estate Market Overview

Q2 – 2015


The second quarter of 2015 statistics have been released recently showing the following interesting results for investors, buyers and tenants.

The overall results have shown a nice move in terms of real estate market activity with considerable raise in sales of 1.2 per cent compared with Q1 and around 40 per cent for the leasing.


1 Sales & Leasing


When it comes to the demand by area, Al Reem Island remain the leading development in the region with a non-noticeable variation in trends terms of sales, but with a raise of 30 per cent in leasing demand.

The island leading area is followed by Al Reef with more than 50 per cent increase in both activities sales and leasing.

Then comes Hydra Villas followed by Al Ghadeer with a considerable growth in terms of sales and leasing as the prices are very affordable without being that far from the Abu Dhabi Island, offering a low leasing rate and a high ROI for investors.

The sales and rental trends are respectively growing in Al Raha Beach and Al Raha Gardens as well as the luxurious villas in Golf Gardens.


2. Sales Trend By Area

3. Leasing Trends By Area


Looking at the unit types in real estate market trend, we can notice the big move in sales with an increase of 25 per cent to 50 per cent in general.

The most apartments demanded for sale in the market are the 2 bedroom followed by 1 bedroom apartment, the 3 bedroom have seen a decrease in demanded compared to Q1, then comes the studio type before the 4 bedroom apartment.

4. Sales Trend By Apartment Type


However the sales for villas are different from the above mentioned figures, showing a very high demand for the 2 bedroom villas with a constant growth of around 30 per cent compared to Q1, followed by the demand for 3 bedroom villas – but with less increase compared to Q1 – then come almost equally the 4 & 5 bedroom villa types.

5. Sales Trend By Villa Type


Now, in terms of leasing the above figures reflect almost the same trends where the lead goes to the 2 bedroom apartments but the trend is picking on the 1 bedroom apartments, followed by almost equally the studio and 3 bedroom apartments.

From there, we can notice a move from the 2bedroom apartments to the 1 bedroom and others to an upgrade to the 3 bedroom apartments.

6. Leasing Trend By Apartment Type


The overall villa demand trend in terms of leasing is steady for all the types with a noticeable growth in demand of the 4 bedroom villas.

7. Leasing Trend By Villa Type


A market price update for each area and unit type will be shared with you very soon.

Stay tuned!!