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Real Estate Market Price Insights Revealed - Q2, 2015
Real Estate Market Price Insights – Q2, 2015

Properties offered in the market consist of four categories: Apartments, Duplexes, Villas and Townhouses.

Quarter 2 market prices are presented for seven areas within the emirate of Abu Dhabi, where the demand is seeing a constant growth through the year.

Abu Dhabi is one of the most secure land to invest in the world. Either end users or investors, both are buying with a target pay-off after a few number of years.

1. Apt Sell

5. Apt Lease

Considering the area where to investment, the buyer should look at the Return on Investment that each unit and area can offer. Taking Al Reef development as example, this last generates more than 8% for the apartments, followed by Al Ghadeer which offers around 7.5% ROI to investors. Then Al Raha Garden’s smaller apartments offer bigger ROI which can go up to more than 6.5%. Al Reem Island, however, generates a bigger ROI for the 4Br reaching the 8%, then come the smaller ones with more than 7%. The TDIC’s development remain the least high development’s ROI apartments wise.  3. Villa sell

7. Villa Lease

Same for the villas within the region, Al Reef villas generate a juicy rate of ROI for investors reaching the 8.5%. However, villas in Al Ghadeer are a relatively less attractive compared to the Apartments with generating respectively 5.8% and 7.5% ROI. Al Raha Gardens as well as The Golf Gardens offer the same rate of ROI of around 5.5%. Then comes Al Saadiyat Island with an ROI reaching the 4.5%.  4. Townhouse Sell

8. Townhouse Lease

The townhouses are also interesting to look at. The return on investment offered by the townhouses in Al Ghadeer are more attractive than the villas with a rate of 6% compared to 5.8%.

Al Raha Beach townhouses offer a descent rate of 5%, a bit lesser than Al Raha Gardens and The Golf Gardens offering respectively a rate of 6.5% and 6%.


These figures show that it’s more attractive for a buyer to get a townhouse than a villa in these last two areas.

The overall real estate market is prosperous for investors to make good resolutions and goods deals.


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