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Summer Deco Tips 2nd Publication

Summer time is upon us, and some people look for ways to avoid the heat while others look for an update to their furniture. Nationwide gives you some trendy tips to update your home interiors into that summery chic trend.

Trendy Tips:

Apart from the heat, summer comes up with its own trend. It is the time just after spring where the flowers are blooming and the gardens are colorful.  Even the UAE passes through its own spring season, and therefore, keeping up with the trend will assist you in keeping your house fresh. Updating your furniture and interiors might be costly, but here are some tips to stay trendy in an affordable way. A revised set-up makes the house look brand-new.

Use plenty of joyous colors. Green, yellow, beige and off white are all colors that blend in with the summer. If you want to even a wilder trend, you can go for sky blue, orange or even the lighter shades of red. Color around the house is a beautiful thing, and you can affordably just change the bed-sheets and pillow casings.


If you have a balcony, adding light colored sun-chairs can give you a tanning experience not so far from your fridge. Your house will become the place where all the friends meet because they can tan and get sun-kissed with a cold drink in hand.


Flowers add a special scent and look to the apartment. Get rid of those half dead or artificial plants you have indoors and replace it with a nice plantation of colorful flowers. Keep the spring season alive in your house by maintaining a good temperature and atmosphere. Flowers help in creating that wonderful ambiance.


Those are some picture ideas for you to enjoy a nice and trendy summer… more will be delivered soon.