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Nationwide Middle East Properties Negotiation Tutorial 3rd Publication

Posted on June 02, 2015 by Nationwide Middle East in News, Real Estate
Nationwide Middle East Properties Negotiation Tutorial 3rd Publication


Part of Nationwide Middle East Properties success is that the agents are always well prepared for all negotiation processes. Nationwide is still revolutionizing the service aspect of real estate by carefully picking, training and developing sales agents and the sales process. The perception by some might be negative towards agents and Nationwide has the answer on how that should be changed.

Approaches are key to the success of negotiations. Success does not necessarily mean making the sale, but it means that client and agent have reached an understanding. It means that even if the offer was refused by the client, the agent must have learned something. A sales agent’s approach is one of the biggest aspects of successfully completing a negotiation. Change the approach in accordance with clients, and you change the attitude towards agents while making sure the sales process is intact.

This publication will discuss approaches and how they affect the negotiation process. Nationwide gives you some tips to successful adopt the Nationwide winner’s approach.

–          Never standardize your approach. People from different cultural backgrounds should be approached differently. The flexibility of an agent is vital to their individual success, and in return the success of their respective company. Sometimes the approach can be a push, and sometimes pulling out will slowly draw back the client to something that they actually need.

–          Interest approach. Agents should understand that no client is there to just waste time. Even if a client is there to enquire, a good sales agent has to be able to spark interest. When the client is there, it means their attention was grabbed; sparking interest then depends on the agent and the way he/she can cater to the needs of the client.

–          Decision approach. Honesty is very important from an agent because it gains the agent trust, and builds a positive reputation for them in the market. Sometimes the clients are interested, but can’t really make a decision. A good sales agent that has honestly gained the client’s trust can assist them by further talking about the benefits and the returns for the client. DO NOT think that the agent can make the decision on behalf of the client, but they can assist them in making it.

–          Action approach. Action is not only exclusive to the decision. By adopting the action approach, the agent should always be energetic and responsive to all that the client demands. The action approach can be a combination of all the above in addition to the agent’s action in all stages of the negotiation process.

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