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Top Tips To Reorganize And Add Efficiency To Your Space

Posted on May 13, 2015 by Nationwide Middle East in News
Top Tips To Reorganize And Add Efficiency To Your Space


Are you struggling with space in your apartment? Nationwide social blog discusses few ideas that can make your apartment look bigger and more spacious. It is hassle to furnish an apartment that is relatively small, but there are tricks around that.

Nationwide Middle East Properties has few tips that will help you with storage options:

1)      Use a mirror

Using a mirror opposite to a window or balcony can help the apartment look bigger. Just hang a good sized mirror on the wall, and let the apartment reflect its beauty. Placing a mirror opposite to the balcony or window also helps in reflecting the sunlight coming in. This will light your whole apartment effortlessly and will give it the daily dose of sun exposure that it needs.


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2)      Floating shelves

Floating shelves are always a problem solver. Hang one over the bed, or in the living room and you instantly have a stand for your books, accomplishments, small plants and many more. Floating shelves can also be used in the kitchen to avoid a flooded space with appliances. This trick can help you reduce the space taken by movable items, and can serve as part of the home decoration.


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3)      Light colored furniture

Alongside the two previous tricks, using light colored furniture compliments the enlargement of an apartment. Light colored furniture is easy on the eye and tends to reflect light within the room. White and Beige are great examples of colors that can be used to reflect light in the apartment and give it a spacious look.

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Being expert in Abu Dhabi real estate, Nationwide understands that the sun can get hot and light colored furniture doesn’t absorb the heat.

Stay tuned on Nationwide’s decoration tips series delivered to you every Monday, providing you with feasible and easy Decoration Tips that will surely help you best utilize your home.

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