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Summer Deco Tips 1st Publication

Posted on May 19, 2015 by Nationwide Middle East in News, Real Estate
Summer Deco Tips 1st Publication


Its Summer time in the UAE and we all know what that means. People spend plenty of time indoors to avoid the heat and humidity. Nationwide is part of the Abu Dhabi family and therefore these are some deco tips for you on how to decorate your apartment or villa and turn summer of 2015 into a joyful experience.


The temperatures might get crazy and reach the 50 degrees Celsius mark mixed up with a high level the humidity during the summer. You can’t leave the house without feeling a significant change. Your glasses get foggy and you instantly feel the heat and humidity on your skin. Lifestyle tips would advise you to use plenty of sun-block and stay away from the sun between 12pm and 3pm, but what about our indoors?


1)   Using light colored furniture helps reflect the heat. Scientifically it is proven that darker colors like black and brown absorb heat, therefore, a lighter set of colors on your couch and curtains make sure that the sun penetration in the house is minimized.

2)   Get rid of that leather sofa you have. If you have a leather sofa at home be prepared to a hot and uncomfortable seating. Also the sweaty feeling of contact with the leather plays a role in deciding to move away from this type of furniture. Leather furniture also tends to wear-out when exposed to too much sunlight. If you can’t afford to change that leather couch, you can cover it by a thick piece of White or Beige cloth to reflect as much heat as possible.

3)   Close the slightly opened windows. Closing your windows sounds so obvious, but sometimes you might forget those slightly opened windows and leave the house and come back to a humid and heated house. Make sure to keep all windows shut at all times, unless using them is necessary.

4)   Keep your air-conditioner on and set to 23 degrees at all times. Maintaining a good temperature at home is good for the health and mood. Do not fall into the mistake of turning up the fan and lowering the temperature directly after coming in home, staying healthy is important.