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Nationwide Middle East Properties Negotiation Tutorial 1st Publication

Posted on May 05, 2015 by Nationwide Middle East in News, Real Estate
Nationwide Middle East Properties Negotiation Tutorial 1st Publication


A lot of agents are not big fans of negotiation and the process that comes along. Many would say that rejection is their biggest challenge; others may suggest that it is a stressful process that might end up in refusal and at times, a possible argument.

There is a key point that all agents agree about when it comes to negotiation. Any negotiation with a prospect or a lead is a chance to a sales opportunity. It can’t be hidden that the main driver for a salesperson to engage in negotiations is the intent of making a sale.

Negotiations are a chance of meeting new people and a great opportunity of learning. From every negotiation you can learn:

  • New approaches. Not every client is the same and not all clients can be approached in a standardized manner.
  • About the Market. Negotiations are a great chance to learn about the market and see what there is to be offered and what the demand from the consumer’s side is.
  • Forecasting. When engaging in negotiations with many people, an agent can develop a sense of forecasting for future trends
  • Personal Development. An agent should understand that being patient, understanding, compassionate, responsive, and attentive and many more are important traits that develop the agent on a personal level.

Stay posted next week for the 2nd Publication.