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Real Estate Market Overview Quarter One 2015

Posted on April 19, 2015 by Nationwide Middle East in News
Real Estate Market Overview Quarter One 2015


With the Q1-2015 statistics now released, we can see that the trends by areas are almost the same in terms of sales and leasing. Al Reem and Al Reef still control the bigger chunk of demand by Area with around 60% of the total demand. This shows that the market is at a consistent rate and that the demand for those areas is still as popular as the end of 2014. There was a noticeable drop of demand for Al Reem between Q1-2014 and Q4-2014, however, in comparison with Q4-2014, Q1-2015 is at the same level.

When it comes to the demand by unit type, there is a very clear drop in the demand for villas from Q4-2014 to Q1-2015. Apartments have risen massively and now make 73% of the total demand for the top three unites; Apartments, Villas, and Townhouses.

There is a drop for the demand on 2-Bedroom apartments from Q4-2014, and we can see that the demand for 1-Bedroom and 3-Bedroom apartments is on the rise equally at 4% each. Studio demand has also risen to 11% as the demand for the 4-Bedroom and bigger apartments has gone down.

By far, the biggest difference in demand in all statistics is the drop in demand of 3-Bedroom villas from 74% to 41%. This is mainly due to the fact that the demand for 2-Bedroom villas has gone up from 18% to 34%. 4-Bedroom and bigger villas are becoming more popular gaining a little more attention, this more demand.

Sales trend by Area has become more popular in Al Reem while Al Reef still holds almost the same percentage when compared to the figures from last year. The other areas remained at a constant level with merely any visible change. Some have dropped slightly and the others have gone up in the opposing direction.

Leasing trend has changed but not much. Al Reem remained at 24% from last year and Abu Dhabi city trend has dropped a little bit from last year. Al Reef has also stayed at the same level, just like the leasing trend in the remaining areas.

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