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What To Do After Moving To a New House?

Posted on January 20, 2015 by Nationwide Middle East in Home Decoration Tips, News
What To Do After Moving To a New House?

Either Rent or buy a house doesn’t matter, what matters a lot is to organize your way to move to your new home, how to get ready to move to a new house and what steps and procedures to follow to make a better experience.

New house in box

Nationwide Middle East Properties is always there to help you out and make the best experience of your new home coming your way. The following measures are the most important to carry along your way to move to a new place.

Pest Controlling:

Pest controlling plays a vital role to set up your new home. The first action needs to be done before moving your stuff inside is spraying your home inside out otherwise it will be a difficult work to get rid of these bugs and small insects which you can’t notice in the first place so it’s better to spray and clean your place before moving.


Cleaning Upside Down:

This is best time to clean your house from every possible single corner you have because after moving your stuff you won’t get 100% access to all the corners for cleaning. To get the maximum benefit, you can start this process right after the pest controlling, this also avoids your household stuff get effected.

cleaning house

Installing Window Blinds:

Before you unload your stuff into your new place, you have enough time to manage installing your window blinds in place, as once you are done with unpacking and fixing everything, you won’t have enough energy to go for window blinds installation which is the key part and your house won’t be a display point for the neighbors when the night falls as well as an early wake up as the sun rises.

window blinds

Packing and Unpacking:

The best way to get rid of a mess is to hire a professional mover, but If you are sporty enough to pack and unpack your stuff then the first step is to mark your boxes with clear labels to get them unpacked in a new place properly and choose the most important label boxes which you need right after you step into your new home and later on you can manage to get everything placed in a proper manner.

packing unpacking

Beds Setup:

You can start with setting up the beds as per your requirements, if you don’t have family guests or friends staying over then it wouldn’t be tedious work to get done but you need to be prepared anyway.

bed setup

Checking out Local Markets:

Once you are done with the work inside, it’s time to check what you have outside. Checking out local markets is really important because of the daily interactions. You need to be around some local market for groceries and other small shops which avoids you driving over and over again.

local markets


Neighbors can be a helping hand in any of your homework, so meeting neighbors would be a good chance of interaction because somehow you can ask them for a help related to any household work which you cannot take individually. Also meeting your neighbors would help you to decorate your home with stylish ideas they can come up with.


A Happy Family Meal:

Once you are done with your home decor and settlement, the time is for a family break with a happy family meal. You can discuss your next day plans and also initiate discussions for more home decoration ideas from other family members.

family meal

The above points are best to follow when you have a challenging stage to move to a new place. We, at Nationwide Middle East Properties, serve you with our property management, advice  and property investment services.

Key handover

The Nationwide team is also available for the handover services where due to some uncertain reasons you won’t get the possession instantly, our team of expert real estate advisers and brokers helps you to take charge of your property in a best possible way and meanwhile you are 100% assured that your property will be in a safe hands.