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The 43rd National Day of United Arab Emirates

Posted on December 08, 2014 by nationwide-properties in Event, News
The 43rd National Day of United Arab Emirates

Nationwide Middle East Properties embarked this 43rd National Day with a Great Spirit of Union and Enthusiasm.


The union of nationhood is clearly being seen in every part of United Arab Emirates. The CEO of Nationwide Middle East Properties Mr. Ameen Al Qudsi along with all the team members was celebrating the 43rd National Day on 2nd December on Al Reem Island Abu Dhabi and a beautifully designed UAE flag cake.


Nationwide Middle East Properties once again congratulates the people of United Arab Emirates wishing a very happy 43rd anniversary and a continued spirit of joy and prosperity in the coming years.


The UAE residents – regardless of any religion, community or caste – were standing side by side in respect and recognition towards the UAE, enjoying the very moments present on the celebration day.

Nationwide Middle East Properties truly respects these bonds which keep all the differences aside to stand all together on one platform.

Happy National Day – Happy UAE Expats!