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The Pros of Property Management – Interview

Posted on October 29, 2014 by nationwide-properties in News, Property Management
The Pros of Property Management – Interview

Property Management is an important aspect of Real Estate industry but not many investors, buyers or even tenants do know about the real picture. Ameen Al Qudsi, the CEO of Nationwide Middle East Properties LLC showcases the pros of property management and what factors makes it to add value to investment in an interview session to Gulf News which is published in the Freehold Section of the newspaper. The major values of property management services rendered by Nationwide Middle East Properties in which The CEO of the company had discussed in the interview to clarify the steps you should take in order maximize the return on investment.

You can have a look at the below screen shot of the professional speak page published on October 25, 2014 by Gulf News in Freehold section.

FRL Professional Speak on Property Management - Ameen Al Qudsi-1