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Nationwide MEP Appointed as the Exclusive Leasing Deputy for Al Wifaq Tower’s Retail Spaces

Posted on September 08, 2014 by nationwide-properties in News, Retail
Nationwide MEP Appointed as the Exclusive Leasing Deputy for Al Wifaq Tower’s Retail Spaces

photo 4After many successful property acquisition campaigns, Nationwide MEP has been appointed as the exclusive leasing deputy for the retail spaces at Al Wifaq Tower because of the expertise, the professionalism and the trusted property deal records.

Real estate market demand for retail spaces are gradually increasing, most of the international companies are capturing their major spots, and the local in-house communities are seeking the best possible retail areas for their business to compete with multinationals and claim their stand among them. And here Nationwide Middle East Properties – one of the leading and reputed real estate and property management companies – play its major act and respond to all those in-house communities and investors for better property spots.

Al Wifaq Tower on Al Reem Island is highly recognized and demanded property asset. The clock is alarming, so don’t snooze it and bring your business right there.

Secure your retail space at Al Wifaq Tower and be the reason for a successful running business in the busiest community on Al Reem Island.

Al Wifaq retail space demand is on the rise and that is the reason why Nationwide Middle East Properties has been chosen as an exclusive leasing deputy for Al Wifaq tower’s retail spaces.

It is the right place and the right time to consider this opportunity to maximize your presence to the right targeted audience.

For investors, these retail spaces – in Al Wifaq Tower – are for leasing purpose, leading towards a high possibility of recurring profit. On the other hand, these spaces will allow the retailers to build their presence in an established and fast growing community to expand their business. Nationwide Middle East Properties keeping hand in hand with investors and retailors and providing better property solutions.

Nationwide Middle East Properties always there to choose for you the best leasing property option, to either start a new business venture, expand or switch to the right place.

Don’t wait more… A new community claims you!

To spot your retail space today with Nationwide Middle East Properties, simply dial +971 503753454 for your immediate inquiry response, or submit your inquiry via email at