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Hot Deal! 2 Attached Mediterranean Villas – Saadiyat Villas

VillaAED 9,500,000
  • Saadiyat Island_Saadiyat Beach Villas_4 BR Villa (24)
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Hot Deal! 2 Attached Mediterranean Villas – Saadiyat Villas

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Reference no. NAT-S-7472

Side by Side Mediterranean Villas on a Hottest Deal.

Saadiyat Beach Villas have luxurious homes giving every resident the utmost comfort and leisure bringing out an excellent sense of well-being and quality of living. Each community has its own world-class community facilities which include parks, excellent children’s play areas, swimming pools, fully-equipped gymnasiums, and sports

Community Facilities and Amenities:
State-of-the-Art Residential Units
Beachfront Residences
Superb Coastal Promenades
Outdoor Leisure/Recreation Area
Beachfront Golf Course
Pool Terraces
Swimming Pools
Bicycle Traces
High- Equipped Gymnasiums
Landscaped Gardens
Community Parks
Restaurants and Coffee Shops
24 Hour Security and Maintenance
24 Hour Help Desk

5 Minutes to Abu Dhabi Downtown
10 Minutes to Yas Island

Various options in multiple projects for Rent and Sale
For Rent:0501530723
For Sale: 0509138969
Toll Free: 800 1 44 44
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