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Experience a Unique Waterfront Living!

ApartmentAED 4,336,441
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Experience a Unique Waterfront Living!

1648.65 Sq.Ft.  1360 Print this page

Reference no. NAW-S-7736

Indulge a luxurious waterfront living in Fairmont Marina Residences with Great Payment Plans.

Fairmont Marina Residences offers an opportunity of a unique waterfront living. With its prime location and world-renowned brand of impeccable service and facilities. These furnished apartments are Exclusive for Emiratis, the estimated handover is on April 2017.

Payment Plan Options:
By Finance
By Cash : 30% / 20% / 20% / 20% / 10%

Bright Living and Dining Area
Stylish Kitchen
Large En-suite Master Bedroom
En-Suite Twin Bedroom
Walk-in Closets
Guest Toilet
Storage Rooms
Car Park

Amenities and Facilities:
A la Carte Residential Services
Hotel Privileges
Optional Rental Program
Willow Stream Spa
Fitness Center
Sports Facilities
Childrens Playground
Beach Promenade
Hotel Plaza
Hammock Heaven
Private Parking

Toll Free: 800 1 44 44
For Sales enquiry, please call: 050-9138969
For Rent enquiry, please call: 050-5461078
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