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Dazzling Newest Tower in Al Reem – Sigma Tower

ApartmentAED 830,000
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Dazzling Newest Tower in Al Reem – Sigma Tower

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Reference no. NAW-S-9058

Sigma Tower is one of the newest residential releases in the City of Lights on popular Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi. It has a primary access to the waterfront promenade, marina, and parks which are essential to fun and leisure. Sigma Tower is a very well-priced High-rise residential Apartment with Absolute amazing views of the sea. Known for its well-constructed and quality contemporary finishing, these excellent apartments are a “must see”.

Apartment Features:
Quality Standard Finishes
Spacious Bedrooms
Fully Fitted Kitchen
High-End Living Room
Laundry Area
Modern Bathrooms

Facilities and Amenities:
Golf Course
Art Galleries
Golden Beaches
Lush Landscape
Shopping Malls
Recreational Centre
Fitness Centre
Health Club
Swimming pools for kids and adult
Restaurants and Cafes
Public Parks
Various options in multiple projects for Rent and Sale.
For Sale: 0509138969
Toll Free: 800 1 44 44
For Rent: 0505461078
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